COMING SOON – Adult Literacy Program

The Need
—-% of adults in the Karluway District are illiterate due in part to lack of access to adult literacy programs. Adult illiteracy represents a great challenge for Liberia in general and Karluway, in particular.

KDA Program
We intend to pilot an adult literacy program in Monolu and Boniken regions in Karluway. Participants will learn the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  We will also teach them about health/sanitation, HIV/AIDS, etc. Our objective is to expand the adult literacy program throughout the Karluway district and increase the literacy levels of the residents.

Our Impact
We intend to reach school-age children to older people who were either unable to attend school and/or could not complete school. We know that communities will benefit from our Adult Literacy Program because they will share the knowledge gained with their family and neighbors.

Program Funding

A monthly contribution of $—provides stipends to –# instructors for one month.

A monthly contribution of $ — provides supplies for over —# adult learners for # months.